Far from being a failed experiment, we need to think bigger when it comes to micropayments.

With the rise of subscriptions and paywalls comes the realisation that there’s a large chunk of a publisher’s audience that they may never be able to effectively monetise. Only an estimated 5% of a publisher’s digital readership will convert to pay for a full subscription, according to Digiday.

But what’s…

With Snapchat features being adapted (read: mercilessly ripped off) and assimilated into the Facebook app, the question must be asked — what is the end goal?

‘Facebook copies Snapchat feature X, Y and Z’. Headlines like these have been rolling out with alarming regularity over the past year as the social media giant’s relentless cloning of rival Snapchat’s winning features shows no signs of slowing.

Just this week, it rolled out Camera, Direct and Stories on…

Paywalls rely on publishers assuming that an individual will only have one or two subscriptions, and therefore that theirs is the only content worth paying for. But on an industry level, this approach isn’t sustainable.

Many column inches have been dedicated to revenue models, and how individual publishers can monetise their audiences.

Subscriptions are nothing new. Most of the media industry seems to have it all worked out, with millions paying out for Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple Music and more.

But one industry segment…

2017 will be the year Android’s Instant Apps gain real traction, but it will be the impact on everyday people that promises the biggest differences.

There are a host of well-documented issues around publishing and media companies launching apps, with discoverability being one of the biggest challenges.

Google are looking to smooth the app download experience, and have begun to roll out limited tests of their new ‘Instant Apps’ project with apps from Buzzfeed and…

Facebook’s pre-Christmas announcement about Live Audio went virtually unnoticed by the media industry. But it has huge implications for the future of audio consumption.

When we were discussing ideas for our annual predictions piece, one suggestion we were bouncing around was that Facebook would make a move on audio. On-demand audio is a strong growth sector, and has been for the past few years.

The tech giant has moved aggressively to strengthen its position…

Success stories are few and far between when it comes to magazine apps

Very occasionally, publishers like The Economist manage to nail the formula and produce an app that adds real value, but the reality is that most apps never really get off the ground. Big-name brands like Vogue and Top Gear have paltry circulations in the mere thousands of their digital magazines.

Esther Kezia Thorpe

Freelance Media Analyst/Designer/Marketer. Podcast Co-Host at Media Voices, writer for industry outlets including What’s New in Publishing, Digital Content Next

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